Online Stretch/Body Awareness Classes
at Dragonfly Wellness Center

Stretch/Body Awareness Classes 


Stretch/Body Awareness Classes are for everyone! They are particularly good for those who are returning to movement classes or are recovering from injuries. Using stretch and movement techniques and melding them with energy medicine principles and exercises, this class helps students become profoundly aware of their bodies. By focusing deeply on individual muscles and joints, and their relationships, students gain an understanding of their bodies that will improve posture, increase flexibility, and create well-being. By the end of the class, individuals will feel like they have moved every part of their body and will enjoy a sense of calm, balance, and groundedness. 

Classes are approximately 1 hour long and students are reminded to modify any exercise or movement according to their own needs. 

Special Introductory Rate during September 

Starting September 21, Dragonfly Wellness Center will make 2 online classes available for unlimited use until September 30. You will receive the links to the classes and can take them at your convenience as many times as you’d like. The cost is $25 or 2 classes on previously purchased class cards. Please contact Dragonfly to register at

Beginning the first of October, 4 online classes will be offered each month for unlimited use during that month. For each full monthly enrollment, the cost will be $60 or 4 classes on previously purchased class cards.

If you would like to receive new videos as they are created please contact me at