Steve St. Pierre

Steve St. Pierre was a finalist at the 1993 World Championships of Country Dance in Nashville. He was also a National Division 1 competitor, having won his way up through the divisions at UCWDC sanctioned events throughput the U.S.A. He won the Jack & Jill 2-step competition at Mary Hoedeman’s 1995 Boston Dance Party and a fourth – place teacher award at the 1996 Northeast Dance Festival. He was trained  by Mary Hoedemann of Nashville and Barry Durand, Dave Getty and Dawn Blorsted. He has also had the pleasure of studying with several U.S. Open swing champions including Robert Cordoba, Mary Ann Nunes, Kelly Buckwalter, Jeannie Tucker, as well as with Maxwell Ho and Neal.

Steve was a member of the faculty at Neal Klein’s Dancing Feats Swing and Ballroom dance studio in Newton. Currently, Steve runs a dance program at the Lynnfield Community Church in Lynnfield, MA where he teaches, choreographs, and coaches his own students and other competitors.

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